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Are you and your partner expecting a baby? Have you thought about what your birth experience might look like? Maybe you want to avoid unnecessary interventions during birth, or would like to try to have a vaginal birth after a previous cesarean birth. No matter how your baby comes into this world, the experience should be a positive one for everybody. From home births to repeat cesarean births we are there to support your right to birth your way. 


Discover the benefits of placenta encapsulation. Placenta Encapsulation encourages your bodies natural ability to heal, gives you more energy, enhances milk supply, and decreases your chances of postpartum depression or mood instability. Placenta encapsulation is a  phenomenal way to support you during your recovery. 

Placenta Encapsulation

Postpartum Support International states that the majority of women, 80% or more, suffer from some form of mood instability after giving birth. Placenta Encapsulation is an safe easy way to support mom naturally during the postpartum period. Some of the most commonly experienced benefits of placenta encapsulation include increased energy, decreased baby blues, increased milk supply and faster postpartum healing. Pregnancy and birth are taxing to a women's system. 

What is a birth doula and how can they support us during our pregnancy and birth? Discover the benefits of having a doula at your birth, how we work with your partner and what we do to support you both on your journey.