In 2010, I was hearing more and more about placenta encapsulation. I felt strongly about good postpartum health and recovery. Placenta encapsulation seemed to be a good fit. 

After doing some research and  speaking with women whom had their placentas encapsulated, I decided to become a placenta encapsulation specialist.

​​I chose the PBi method because it's method is based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), which has been around for at least 1,400 years.  As a PBi certified encapsulation specialist I am also a certified food handler which means I follow OSHA, EPA, and FDA standards. I have been a certified placenta encapsulation specialist since 2012.  

Because I believe in the bodies ability to heal itself with proper nutrition and rest, placenta encapsulation was a natural  fit in assisting women recover from birth.  

Due to my birth experiences I knew there had to be a better way. I felt that women and their partners should have some say in their birth experience, no matter how baby came into the world. I decided to go back to school so that I could work in OB-GYN or with women that were expecting.  At the time I had never heard of a birth doula, otherwise I would have chosen that path. 

It was during this time that I realized that women were strong capable beings who knew how to birth their babies. All they need was to feel safe, supported, protected and encouraged. When the birth space is protected and honored it can be one of the most empowering experiences of your life. 

I graduated from Bryman College in 1995 with honors. I completed my externship at Santa Cruz Medical Clinic (now PAMF) and was hired upon completion. After working in urgent care for 3 years a position opened up in OB-GYN with the midwives! I worked there for 8 years as their assistant and really enjoyed the work, but something was still missing. In my heart I wanted to go to the births, not stay at the office while the went to births. 

After speaking with the midwives, one of them suggested I become a birth doula.  At the time I had never heard of a doula, and was really excited about the prospect.  She allowed me to attend births with her and gave me hands on experience as a birth doula. That was it, I was hooked! Being a doula was the perfect fit.

The next two pregnancies were uneventful with the exception of the birth of my oldest son. I had a total abruption and he was born via cesarean section. With pregnancy number 3, I followed the suggestions of the doctors and had a second cesarean birth. With my last pregnancy I wanted to go into labor on my own, and allow him to choose his birth day. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attempt a TOLAC due to my prior incision being vertical both internally and externally.

Knowing this was my last pregnancy and birth, I didn't want to have another cesarean. It was so important to me that he was ready to be born. I really wanted to be given a chance to go into labor on my own and allow my body to birth naturally. I felt very strongly about letting him choose his birth day, not the doctors or anybody else. I felt much better when they told me that I was 4 cm and contracting every 2-3 minutes. It helped me accept the fact that I was about to have another cesarean birth. It gave me reassurance that he was ready.   

This is why I love working with women that want to attempt a vaginal birth after a cesarean birth otherwise known as trial of labor after cesarean (TOLAC). They only become a VBAC once mom has been successful in her attempt. This resonates with my inner being. 

​​​​​I received my training as a birth doula through various educational institutions, Including Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts, DONA International, Birthing From Within, and ICEA. 

My name is Lori Dent. I am a mother of 4 and the grandmother of four. I have been a birth doula since 2009, and have attended approximately 100 births during this time. I became a placenta encapsulation specialist in 2012, and have encapsulated approximately 150 placentas. 

From a very young age I found pregnancy and birth fascinating. When I was 10, I was fortunate enough to have witness the birth of a colt. He was born in the bag which made it even more interesting! Having watched her through her pregnancy and witnessing the birth itself,  I knew then that I wanted to work with pregnancy and birth in some way. In what capacity, was later determined by my personal birth experiences. 

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With my first pregnancy and birth, my saving grace was an RN that was studying to become a midwife. She needed births to qualify toward her certification and had volunteered to help us during during the birth of our daughter. She met with us once during my pregnancy, and joined us at the hospital during labor to provide labor support. She made suggest such as counter pressure, massage and breathing. Looking back I realize she was acting as a birth doula. At the time birth doulas were not as well known or well received as they are today.  If I hadn't had the hands on labor support during my birth experience, I honestly don't know how things would have gone.  

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